Scholarship & College Program

For full NROTC program requirements and scholarship information, please visit the official NROTC website at

There are a variety of scholarships offered through the NROTC Program listed below.

Acceptance into the NROTC program does not constitute acceptance into the university itself. It is your responsibility to gain admission into either Rutgers or Princeton University. Contact university admissions for information on acceptance.

Rutgers Admissions

Princeton Admissions

Four-Year Scholarship

Applicants for the four-year (40 month) NROTC scholarship program are awarded positions through a highly competitive national selection process.

An NROTC scholarship recipient will receive full tuition and other financial benefits including class fees, a textbook stipend, and a monthly stipend for subsistence. NROTC scholarships do not pay for room and board or personal items such as computers.

All NROTC scholarship recipients are enlisted in the U.S. Naval Reserve for the duration of their time in the NROTC.

Upon graduation, the recipient will be a commissioned naval officer in the U.S. Navy or Marine Corps and is obligated to a minimum of five years active duty for Navy Option Midshipmen, or four years active duty for Marine Option Midshipmen.

Two-Year and Three-Year Scholarships (Side-Load)

A college student who has completed at least one semester of classes may apply for a two or three-year scholarship, without having had any prior involvement in NROTC activities. The requirements and benefits for this scholarship will be the same as those found in the four-year scholarship from the point of acceptance into the program.

College Program

The College Program option is available to freshmen and sophomores who have not been selected for an NROTC scholarship.

College Program students do not receive the tuition benefits of a scholarship student, but they may apply for a scholarship each semester up until the end of their sophomore year. While in the College Program option, students maintain civilian status, though they are authorized to participate in all local NROTC activities (i.e. physical training, drill, etc.).

College Program students will complete Naval Science courses just like the scholarship students and participate in summer training if selected for Advance Standing status.

Please download and complete the below application form. Once you completed the application form, please call the office at (848) 932-8484 to schedule a video interview. All interviews will be conducted via video conference in accordance with DoD guidelines to minimize the spread of COVID-19.

NROTC College Program Application - Fillable PDF (This file must be downloaded and opened through a system viewer, like adobe reader)

NROTC College Program Application - If you have trouble with the above link, this application can be printed and filled out by hand.

Advance Standing

College Program students are considered to be in Advanced Standing status if they are endorsed by the NROTC commanding officer & selected by Naval Service Training Command (NSTC) or Marine Corps Recruiting Command (MCRC) after an interview and board process. Selection and endorsement from the commanding officer is based on competitive standing (i.e. academics, physical fitness, leadership) within the NROTC unit.

College Program students may be competitively selected for Advanced Standing prior to the start of their junior year. Upon acceptance into Advance Standing, College Program students are enlisted in the Naval Reserve and receive the same benefits as a traditional scholarship NROTC student - including a commission in the U.S. Navy or Marine Corps.

Nurse Corps

Students interested in pursuing a nursing degree (BSN) may apply for the Nursing Scholarship, which allows midshipmen to commission as officers in the Navy Nurse Corps. The eligibility requirements are the same as a regular four-year NROTC scholarship.