Navy Option Midshipmen

There are a plethora of resources for an aspiring Naval officer throughout the internet. The links outlined below are only a brief introduction to what a Navy Option midshipman should familiarize himself/herself with in preparation of becoming a junior grade officer. Please do not consider these resources all-encompassing.

Official and Administrative:

Official Messages (ALNAVs)

NSTC NROTC Regulations for Officer Development (ROD)

General Military Knowledge:

11 General Orders of a Sentry

Leadership Principles

Leadership Traits

USMC / USN Enlisted Rank Structure

USMC / USN Officer Rank Structure

USMC Drill and Ceremonies Manual

U.S. Navy Uniform Regulations

Navy Information Page by LCDR (Ret.) Kelly Beamsley

SECNAV M-5216.5 Naval Correspondence Manual

Tactical and Technical Knowledge:

Navy Reference Library

Navy Officer Detailing (Community Knowledge)

Navy Unrestricted Line Officer (Community Knowledge)

Navy Directives, Printing, and Publications Branch

Naval Military Personnel Manual (MILPERSMAN)

Physical Fitness:

Navy Physical Readiness Test (PRT) Standards and Explanations

Navy PRT - Video Demonstration