Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How much military service will I owe after graduating college?

Scholarship midshipmen owe eight years of service, four of which must be active duty. The remaining four will be inactive reserve where, in time of war and extreme personnel crisis, you could be called to serve. Thus, for all intents and purposes, you are required to serve five years. Those who go into training-intensive fields, such as Nuclear Power, Aviation, or Medical, incur longer service commitments.

Q: Will I have to go to boot camp?

No. Boot camp trains enlisted personnel, not officers. NROTC midshipmen are given an optional (but strongly recommended) “freshman orientation,” but it is not designed as a boot camp. NROTC midshipmen do not go to Officer’s Candidate School (OCS) either, with the exception of Marine Option midshipmen, who attend “Bulldog” before their senior year.

Q: How do I apply for a Navy or Marine Corps NROTC Scholarship?

Details pertaining to a Commission in Naval Service can be found here.  For more information regarding the NROTC Scholarship application deadlines and submission requirements, please visit here.  If after thoroughly examining the aforementioned links you still have specific questions concerning NROTC at Rutgers or officer accessions in the Navy and Marine Corps, please email or call our unit at (848) 932-8484.  


Q: What does the NROTC program pay for?

Scholarship midshipmen receive full tuition, educational fees (such as lab fees), and $375 for books each semester. NROTC does not pay for room and board. Scholarship midshipmen also receive a tax-free stipend each month that classes are in session, depending on class standing (freshmen: $250, sophomores: $300, juniors: $350, and seniors: $400).